Innovative use of theme park digital signage brings in more revenue — HOW?

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Theme parks are the quickest getaway from the rush of modern life. A splash of refreshment! A spatter of relief!

And with the bliss of technology, we can now have more fun and get more daring with those scary rides!

Yes, technology has revolutionized how we experience theme parks.

In 2022, visiting a theme park is not only about going on the rides, boating, running, and eating. It is about amplifying the dose of entertainment with digital screens, motion sensors, IoT devices, AR/VR wearables, and whatnot.

Digital signage at theme parks plays a significant role in this boosted fun and enjoyment.

Digital signage technology has transformed the way businesses used to market and promote their products & services. Why would theme parks be an exception?

According to statistics, people remember 80% of what they see and only 20% of what they do. So, if visitors enjoy a specific item at your theme park, they’ll have fun and forget in a day or two, unless of course, you keep reminding them of the enjoyment with awesome DOOH advertisements.

Make use of theme park digital signage not only inside the park but outside too!

8 unfailing ways to use digital signage at theme parks

Theme parks can leverage digital signage for a lot more than just advertise and promote exciting rides and games. Beyond hard marketing, screens can add an element of soft marketing through a superior customer experience.

Here, we have unveiled 8 best ways theme parks, amusement parks, and outdoor recreational businesses can make use of digital signage.

1. Welcome visitors with main attractions & exclusive offers

Welcome note of a theme park on a digital signage, displaying 50% discount on ticket price

Design appealing content for your outside-the-park screens to show the main attractions, group packages, and special offers, and promote the exhibits of your amusement park through digital signage. Make smart compositions and schedule your promotions according to the rush hours to reach maximum eyeballs.

Play videos of the best activities, showcase how people enjoy those, and upsell your attractions in the most intelligent way.

2. Communicate weather forecasts & AQI

Standing digital signage screen displaying weather of Chicago with local air quality index
Image: A modern theme park showing live air quality data on digital signage with the Pickcel AQI app

Keep the visitors informed about the weather conditions and air quality at various park locations to offer them a healthy outdoor experience. Some of your visitors may have certain medical conditions that may be affected by a higher AQI level or a colder atmosphere. They can take necessary precautions and medicines if necessary as soon as they see the park signs displaying outdoor AQI and weather updates.

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3. Spread emergency messages

Amusement parks can deploy digital signage at designated locations to alert visitors of disaster forecasts like hail or tornados. For emergencies like fire breakout or gas leakage, you can notify the people at the park by quickly updating all the screens at a go with emergency messages.

If you’re using an smart signage software, it will take only a jiffy to update all the large screens inside and outside the park premise with the alert message. This way, you can make a large-scale announcement and prioritize public safety with digital signage to evacuate visitors quickly without creating much panic.

Digital signage solution providers like Pickcel allow various types of automations & integrations with third-party servers and IoT systems. This can help the digital signage software to auto-communicate with fire patrols and rescue teams when a disaster hits.

4. Display amusement park ride signs

Amusement park ride name and timings shown on a digital display

In the vast valley of amusement parks, people tend to get a little perplexed while deciding which ride to go for next, which way to head, and what to do after that!

Smart ride signs assist people at this point. Use the large LED displays at designated points in the park to help people notice the bright ride signs, open timings, and fun previews of the enjoyment they’re about to experience.

Customized contents can show detailed information about each ride or exhibit. It can display the ride’s history, origin, popularity, and safety measures one needs to take while on the ride. Also, you can show the age group allowed to go on that ride, special instructions, risks involved in the ride, and height signs.

Ride schedules, special hours, and happy hours can also be shown on the digital screens in front of each exhibit and on large displays at various corners of the theme park from time to time. Thus, you can inform your visitors and make it handy for them to choose their rides.

5. Use kiosks for ticketing & queue management

A quick and easy way to let visitors get their tickets and register their entry to the park is through digital signage ticketing kiosks. While getting access, they can also checkout the ride timings, closing hours, special cautions, and safety protocols in one go. Yes, you can display all these on one screen of the kiosk. And you know what?

With this, you can go paperless with your theme park ticketing service. Visitors can scan the QR codes on the screens and get their tickets. They can keep them on their mobile devices and show them whenever required. Simple!

Large digital screens can also be used to show live queue status and estimated wait time for long lines using a digital queue management solution.

Pickcel’s kiosk management software can ease out your theme park ticketing service.

6. Use as wayfinding directories

Digital wayfinding kiosk displaying map and directions for various destinations within a theme park

What is the most challenging task in a theme park? Getting up on the Sky Screamer or Colossus? Nope! The most challenging task is to head toward each exhibit correctly without losing track or getting lost in the crowded meadow.

Now you relate to the toil and effort it takes, right? Theme parks can employ digital signage to offer great assistance here. Digital wayfinding directories are helpful for visitors who tend to get anxious about navigational hazards.

Digital wayfinding kiosks with motion graphics (moving arrows, red blinking pointers, animated signs for major locations, etc.) can help people find their destinations without fuss. You can take a higher step and introduce touchscreen wayfinding solutions, and if possible, with 3D technology to help your visitors even better.

You can also help theme park visitors to download the directory from the digital signage on their mobile devices using a QR code scan. They can then find their destinations on the go using GPS.

7. Sell digital ad space to generate extra revenue

You can generate additional revenue by selling ad spaces to retail chains and other brands with a similar audience group as in your theme park. Make optimum use of your amusement park’s digital signage screens by partnering with the kin brands and engaging in cross-promotional marketing campaigns.

Also, the retail stores inside the park can rent digital signage boards from you. This will shift their product marketing from traditional to advanced ways. Digital hoardings, banners, product catalogs, and discount offers — all can be shown using digital displays.

After all, every shop owner is aware of how digital signage benefits retail businesses through vibrant promotions and advertisements. So, the stores won’t deny it, and you’ll collect more on the wallet.

8. Digital menu boards for food courts

Digital signage displaying beverage item with name and price

Having too much fun and going crazy over the frightful rides for 5-7 long hours calls for a sumptuous meal. Therefore, theme parks always have excellent eateries to offer you several delicacies. But, choosing one or two among so many special platters is difficult.

Innovative use of digital signage at theme parks can make it easy. You can showcase the finest items and bestsellers with engaging visuals. Displaying the food & beverage items using an interactive digital menu board can help consumers decide on their meals even more. They can swipe and pick their favorite items just like that!

With a digital menu board app, you can schedule your menus according to the special hours of the weekdays and plan exclusive menus for weekends.

Don’t know how to create a digital menu board? Learn here

Benefits of theme park digital signage

What benefits can you leverage for your theme park if you use digital signage in the ways mentioned above? Let’s see.

  • Easy crowd management with reduced perceived wait time at ticketing points as well as at entry points of each ride

  • Better communication with the visitors regarding safety protocols, ride opening-closing timings, shutdown rides, maintenance work, and the like.

  • Heightened customer experience via toil-free navigation with the help of digital wayfinding kiosks

  • Time and effort savings through remote screen management and automatic update of content using cloud-based digital signage software

  • Better visitor engagement, increased sales & more revenue

3 Real-life examples of theme park digital signage

Check out these real-life examples to witness the advanced, hi-tech use of digital signage at amusement parks.

Universal Studios Hollywood

At Universal Studios Hollywood, amusement park enthusiasts can now experience the dinosaur era on massive innovative video walls, projections, visual announcements, and special effects on digital signage screens.

Watch the video to see how!

Macau Legend Heroes Park

The Macau Legend Heroes Park has taken digital signage to a new and unexpected level with a somewhat futuristic arrangement of digital signage content. According to them, they are trying to make people speculate about what the digital displays can offer to the visitors of theme parks soon.

In association with Samsung, they offer highly personalized and tailored content displays to help the Gen Z audience experience gaming at a higher level of fun and enjoyment.

Let’s check that out in the following video.

King’s Island

The King’s Island has made a banging comeback with its advanced use of modern park digital signage. The interactive wayfinding solution deserves special mention.

Have a look here.


A lot has been said and shown about theme park digital signage. Now, it’s time for you to implement it in your entertainment business and provide an extraordinary customer experience.

Make your amusement park top-notch with the power of digital signage.

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