Top Digital Signage Companies in Dubai you Need to Know About

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The digital signage market in Dubai is experiencing rapid growth, with a projected valuation of $1.14 billion by the end of 2023. This is attributed to widespread adoption by businesses of all sizes, utilizing signage solutions to promote products, share customer information, and boost brand visibility. Dubai is embracing technology more than ever, with digital displays in most nooks and alleys.

But who powers the productions, maintains them, and ensures that content is up and running? Meet the five most prominent names among the country’s technocrats, who are set to blow your mind.

Top 5 digital signage companies that are taking over Dubai’s tech landscape

Here are the best digital signage companies in Dubai that you got to explore:

1. Pickcel

Pickcel’s digital signage software offers an all-in-one solution for effective visual communication. It streamlines content management on digital displays, including reader boards, advertising screens, and video walls. With cloud-based and on-premise deployment options, it offers real-time monitoring, scheduling, and a quick play feature for emergency messaging.

The software simplifies content creation with graphic design tools, templates, media assets, supporting images, videos, live content, and multimedia.

Pickcel also offers solutions like digital menu boards, social walls, digital notice boards, queue management, and transport PIS (like flight information displays, bus information displays, etc.).

The brand optimizes content display through strategic syncing with time and location, integrating seamlessly with diverse platforms, including servers, B2B software, and IoT systems. Their automation approach encompasses syndication, sensor-driven intelligence, APIs, QR codes, and contextual content delivery.

Pickcel’s software offers numerous design tools, including Artboard and 100+ templates, for efficient content creation, publishing, and management.

The company has made its mark in digital solutions with a clientele spanning names such as Tafaseel, Etisalat, Amazon, Mercedes, NEC, Tata Trusts, and numerous partner programs across the globe.

Security: Pickcel digital signage boasts SOC-2 certification, ensuring rigorous data security standards, complemented by two-step verification for enhanced access control. Their system employs end-to-end data encryption, safeguarding information integrity during transmission and storage. Additionally, they offer granular control over individual screens, allowing

Pricing: Offers a 14-day free trial. A monthly fee of $15/month and $13.5/month when subscribed annually applies afterward. Business plans include additional features starting at $25 per month or $22.5/month when billed annually. Pickcel's digital sigange solution for a Dubai-based hospital

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  • One fascinating aspect of Dubai’s signage adoption is its use in cultural preservation. The Dubai Municipality has initiated projects where historical sites and museums use digital signage to provide immersive experiences. Visitors can interact with giant video walls to access additional information, images, and videos related to artifacts and landmarks

2. DG Signage

DG Signage’s expertise is crafting engaging, tailor-made solutions to enhance customer communication. Their offerings encompass cutting-edge LED displays, interactive digital kiosks, dynamic kinetic display systems, advanced LED display lighting, and flexible display rental options.

The company’s services cover everything from strategic planning and content creation to design, setup, ongoing maintenance, and customer support. With a presence across the Gulf region, spanning UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, and Kuwait, DG Signage capitalizes on technology to gain insights into customer behaviors, resulting in innovative digital signage solutions. This means they deploy data-driven analytics that capture how audiences interact with the displays and what content resonates the most with them. Strategies are modified accordingly to meet requirements.

They also offer a range of solutions to meet various needs, such as kiosk manufacturing, large signage structures, signage content management systems, and facial recognition.

Security: DG Signage in Dubai secures its digital signage with advanced remote access controls and stringent measures against unauthorized content manipulation. Their security likely includes data encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular software updates. Additionally, physical hardware security and detailed audit trails help maintain a high level of protection.

Pricing: There is no mention of their price plans on the website, however they offer customized plans tailored to specific business requirements. Pickcel's digital sigange solution for a Dubai-based hospital

Source : DG signage


Dubai-based LPFLEX has a wide range of clients across countries. They provide various services, from static signage to digital displays, lighting solutions, and design support. The company highlights the impact of digital screens on modern business, engaging customers and offering insights.

The main focus is meaningful communication, dynamic content, and captivating designs that drive conversions and foot traffic. LPFLEX’s signage has been a potent tool for boosting brand visibility across portfolios. Through advanced programming and scheduling features, businesses can guarantee the timeliness and pertinence of their marketing communications.They have worked with influential brands such as Adidas and Honda, making them an upcoming force in the digital signage domain.

Security: The company has not listed any security measures on their website.

Pricing: They have not mentioned their pricing details on their website, however, their support team can give a detailed layout of prices.

4. Universal Media House (UMH)

Universal Media House (UMH), a prominent signage enterprise headquartered in Dubai, has specialized in LED displays, indoor and outdoor digital signage, and signboards since its inception in 2017. UMH is a trusted source for dependable products and solutions across diverse applications, including malls, government towers, hotels, and more. Their LED displays have CE, CCC, FCC, and ETL certifications, demonstrating compliance with rigorous international quality, safety, and performance standards.

UMH places significant emphasis on amalgamating visual communication requisites with cutting-edge branding solutions. They cater for various needs and offer fixed, rental, and transparent LED displays for diverse environments.They have partnered up with clients like Home Box, KFC, and Sharjah Coop.

Security: Universal Media House in Dubai incorporates data encryption to protect content integrity and confidentiality, access control to restrict system usage to authorized personnel, and remote monitoring for continuous oversight of the signage network.

Pricing: The company does not reveal any pricing information on their website. the best way to reach them is to contact their sales team for details.

Did You know? LED screens are the best suited for DOOH advert solutions.

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Digital signage board by UMH
Source :UMH

5. DigiComm

DigiComm is renowned for delivering cutting-edge digital signage solutions and as an exclusive distributor of BrightSign digital signage media players across the Middle East & Africa. The brand excels in diverse digital signage solutions, spanning outdoor displays, video walls, and interactive kiosks.

DigiComm is one of the few companies in Dubai that offer advanced digital signage solutions, like virtual reality, augmented and mixed reality experiences, Computer Generated Imagery (CGI) content creation, and interactive touch screens. They are known for creating high-resolution CGI for large-format displays such as OLED screens. Their innovation is evident in ventures such as the interactive glass floor at Burj Khalifa and the OLED screen at Dubai Mall.

Security: They provide strong security in their systems, primarily through data encryption. This encryption safeguards content integrity both during transmission and storage, protecting against unauthorized access.

Pricing: The average price range for their listed players varies between $300 and $680. An immersive digital wall solution by DigiComm

Source : AV Magazine

Leave the door open

Dubai’s signage market, driven by widespread business adoption, interactive appeal, public demand, and affordability is on a steady growth path.

Here are some of the key trends that the market is set to witness:

  • Cloud-based solutions will simplify managing and updating digital signage content, saving businesses time and money.

  • Mobile-responsive digital signage that allows businesses to reach customers on the go.

  • Signage analytics can help enterprises understand how customers interact with digital signage content and change their campaigns accordingly.

  • The development of new technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR), will create new possibilities for digital signage. Both can be used to create immersive and interactive experiences that engage customers in new ways.

Signage is making its way down the Middle East’s mintiqa, and so is an evolving market, ready for the changes it has never seen before!

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