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It’s 2024, and the days when you had to book your hotel stay right from the hotel are gone! Today, you can not just book but also check in to the hotel right from your mobile app remotely. Once you’ve checked in, you can also order food from digital menu boards and book dining & recreational activities just within a few clicks within the same app.

But how is it all possible? The answer lies in “hospitality app”. But what is “an hospitality app”? How are they shaping guest experiences in the modern hospitality industry? What are the top hospitality apps being used in the industry?

This blog answers all of the above questions. So, without further delay, let’s get started.

What are hospitality apps?

Digital signage integrated with a hospitality app

A hospitality app, in simple terms, is a digital tool or application which streamlines the basic processes such as check-in & check-out in various sectors like hotels, restaurants, and travel. From making reservations and bookings to accessing amenities and personalized recommendations, they offer a wide range of services.

Not just this, guests can also browse the hotel’s menu online, order food and beverages, book recreational activities such as spas, and many more. These apps act like digital communication channels between the hotel and customer, wherein customers can enjoy the hotel’s services and amenities right from the app.

Top 8 hospitality apps to elevate guest experience

Below listed are the top 8 hospitality apps of 2024.

1. Pickcel

Digital signage integrated with a hospitality app

With everything going digital, right from hotel reservations to check-in, why not automate the entire stay experience for your guests with digital signage systems? If so, Pickcel is your go-to solution here.

This top-notch hospitality digital signage solution helps you serve your customers from a digital screen. From digital lobby boards to welcoming guests to digital screens to improving customer and internal communication, it helps you show anything and everything right on a digital screen.

The best part is it’s eye-catching and grabs the attention of your visitors. You have the full autonomy to choose, customize, and schedule the content to be displayed on the digital screens.

Unique features

  • Local tourism: Imagine sitting in a hotel room and being able to browse and explore the top tourist destinations and local favorites of the particular area right from a digital screen. That’s what Pickcel can bring to your customers.

  • Social walls: You can also showcase your customer reviews across various social media platforms. Besides, your guests and weather guides can also access news feeds from the digital screens.

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2. Duve

Do you want to give your guests autonomy through self-service options? The best app winner of HotelTechAwards 2024, Duve comes with a user-friendly interface wherein guests can check in and check out remotely. They can even access the digital keys to their room skipping the long queues at the hotel.

Furthermore, they offer omnichannel and unified communication channels enhanced with AI. This means that guests receive the important details anytime in the communication channel of their choice.

Unique features

  • Digital concierge & its features: Duve has a digital concierge who analyses customers’ preferences and behavior, thus making tailored and personalized recommendations.

  • Integrated dining services: Guests can also explore special dining experiences with a vast array of dining options right from their mobile phones.

3. Bowo

Besides online check-in and efficient hotel communication, Bowo is a comprehensive solution which is custom-designed to automate and enrich the guest experience right before their stay till the end. For any queries, guests can straightaway have a real-time chat with the staff. They can book spas and other recreational activities right within the app.

With Bowo, digital menu ordering is just a matter of a few clicks. Furthermore, it has a digital room directory which provides guests with all the information related to the hotel’s services and amenities within their fingertips.

Unique features

  • Room automation: It allows guests to manage and control various aspects of their room such as lighting right from their devices.

  • Real-time incident reporting: Integrated with the chatbots, it allows hotels to be notified immediately in case of any issues, problems or emergency information that arise during a guest’s stay.


The real headache occurs when guests call for room service, but hotels fail to fulfill their requests due to poor management. Introducing ALICE that allows the guests to book all the services offered by the hotel, right from their hotel room. Hotel owners can efficiently check, manage, and regulate their staff and services according to orders.

Guests will be able to access all the digital product or service catalogues right from their mobile application. It can be anything, such as a food order or a spa appointment, that is possible with a few clicks.

Unique features

  • Real-time language translation: ALICE makes communication easier by connecting guests with service by removing the barrier of language. From Chinese and Russian to Russian to French guests can convey their demands.

  • Track the requested order: Hotel staff can manage or track the orders. They can prioritize or delay after completing an analysis of the workflow.

5. Tally

Use of hospitality app and digital signage in hotel reception

Restaurants and bars are always hassling to manage their individual customer’s bills. Tally changed the whole game by introducing the entire management of orders and bills right from their smartphones. Customers can open a tab, list the products they need, and close it by swiping. The listing of items by Tally increases the speed of billing and order management.

Unique features

  • Find location of bars and restaurants: Tally allows the customer to select their bars near their location and find a map to reach them.

  • Option for tip: There is an option for tipping directly on the application, so the billing remains transparent and accurate.

6. Humanity

Humanity is a team management and employee scheduling application. It can monitor and manage schedules, track clock-in and clock-out times, and generate various reports of coworkers and employees.

The features of Humanity are free for both the employees and employers and can be managed using their smartphones.

Managers can schedule team meetings, alerts, and announcements. The application also supports message walls for direct communication with teammates.

Unique features

  • Manage leaves and holidays: The managers can access the employees’ attendance, track holidays, and record vacation requests in one place.

  • Shift planning: The employees will get real-time updates about their working shifts. They can also perform shift trading or shift drop in case of some personal emergency.

7. Freshbooks

Accounting is a core to any business; it monitors cash flow and keeps a business financially healthy, especially for small businesses. Freshbooks can be a rescuer, which provides a digital solution for tracking expenses, creating invoices and monitoring payments and reports.

Freshbooks automate daily accounting tasks with a high level of accuracy. It allows third-party integration of smart tools like Zoho Flow, Stripe, and Gusto, adding powerful features in one place.

Unique features

  • Create invoice: It offers the option to create professional invoices of the work you or your employees have done.

  • Mileage tracking: FreshBooks helps businesses track the mileage driven for business purposes. It provides a potential report for future tax declaration formalities.


Booking a hotel is not the end for a guest. The majority of guests also consider the check-in and check-out process to be an important factor for customer satisfaction. STAY is a complete guest experience platform that provides all the services, from booking to check-out, through a mobile application.

Unique features

  • Mobile room key: The guest can lock and unlock their rooms using their smartphones. The issue of keeping a physical key is over, and guests can now experience the entire digital security method.

  • Designation guide: STAY offers reasons to stay longer in hotels. They guide guests to areas around the hotel location where they can explore.

Parting words

Hospitality apps are a benefit not just for the business but also for the customers. They streamline and automate the hotel tasks and operations and improve communication between the hotel and customers. Furthermore, they also gather valuable insights regarding every single customer, thus providing them with a personalized guest experience every single time.

These were the top hospitality apps of 2024. While choosing the best one for your business, go for the one that meets the specific needs and demands of your business.

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