List of top 34 RSS feeds for your digital signage in 2022

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If you have run out of content ideas for your digital signage or if you intend to show self-updating content on your screen, then RSS Feed can be the magic wand you have been looking for.

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds let users to stay updated on activities by their favorite websites. Subscribing to a website’s RSS feed means you will be notified whenever the website posts new content (blogs, news articles, images, podcasts, etc.). RSS feeds work by using a standardized XML file.

Generally, RSS feeds contain post headlines and a summary of the post. To be able to receive RSS feeds automatically, users require RSS feed readers or RSS feed aggregators which are basically third-party applications.

In this blog, we have listed down 34 RSS feed URLs which you can follow to stay updated on various news and posts. We have limited our suggestions to four categories: Business & corporate, Tech-businesses, Education, and Media & entertainment. Read on to find some awesome suggestions and get the direct RSS feed URLs for each website.

A. Top RSS Feed URLs for Business (Corporate, Small Business, Marketing, Finance, etc.)

  1. CNBC: A leading news aggregator on business, stock market, and finance. Get real-time stock market updates, investment tips, and much more.
  1. The Wall Street Journal: This one needs no introduction. It covers the business aspect of everything— economy, politics, real estate, books & arts.
  1. Gartner Blog: Gartner is a mogul in business research & analytics. Their blogs deal with everything from finance to technology to legal. Businesses can follow the Gartner blog RSS feeds to keep themselves updated with the latest corporate trends and best practices.
  1. Financial Times: Covers market updates, opinion pieces, company news, etc. Keep track of Silicon Valley news, brand collaboration, legal battles and much more.
  1. Seth Godin Blog: Author and entrepreneur Seth Godin’s blog is a real gem for marketing, technology and business professionals. He publishes daily posts on burning topics and the RSS feeds from his blog can help you stay updated on the hottest trends in business.
  1. Hubspot Blog: A marketing big shot, the Hubspot blog gives fabulous insights to various marketing trends, strategies, know-hows, do’s & don’ts, guidelines, examples, and a lot more. Users need to create a Hubspot account in order to access the Hubspot blog RSS feeds.
  1. Hootsuite Blog: Hootsuite is a very reliable resource on social media marketing. Their tips & hacks can be life-saving for businesses.
  1. TechCrunch: A leading website that brings news & updates on ‘business technologies’, product reviews, etc.
  1. Gotham Culture: get insights into the correlations between company culture and company performance, various leadership development strategies & tips.
Gotham Culture
  1. Fundera Blog: Shares tons of useful information on small business lenders, listicles on budget software for small business, and other tips & advice for the management and growth of SMBs.
Fundera Blog
  1. Quick Sprout Blog: An exhaustive resource on several business aspects like marketing, ecommerce, finance, HR, etc.
  1. Minding the Workplace: If you are one of those offices where workplace harassment & bullying is given its due attention, then you would want your employees to read the commentaries from this website. The articles deal with employee dignity, psychological effects of workplace harassment, labor laws and more.
  1. Outback Team Building: Tips, ideas & other resources on team-building activities.

B. Top Technology RSS Feed URLs for Tech-Business

  1. VentureBeat: An outstanding resource on cutting-edge technological developments from around the world. It is largely focused on disruptive trends, AI technology, gaming, big data analytics, machine learning, data security, etc.
  1. MIT Technology Review: Needless to say, this is the best resource to gain insights into the evolving landscape of tech-business and make informed decisions. Their articles on a wide range of topics like space, IT, biotechnology, climate change etc, give a holistic understanding of the closely-connected disciplines of science & technology.
  1. The Verge: A super cool blend of science, technology and entertainment.
  1. IP Watchdog: A great resource on patent laws, copyright laws and everything that is need-to-know for businesses dealing with innovation.
  1. Microsoft Blog: Interesting insights on how Microsoft solutions can be optimized to bring the best results.
  1. ARS Technica: Get latest news and updates on tech news, reviews on gadget and gizmos, etc.
ARS Technica

C. Top RSS Feed URLs for Educational Institutions

  1. U.S. Department of Education Blog: The blog shares latest updates on educational policies, guidelines, events, awards.
  1. NASA: Showing NASA RSS feeds can be a great way to encourage students to build an interest in space research and participate in STEM studies.
  1. Science Daily: It is one of the best resources to stay updated on the latest research & developments in every possible branch of science.
  1. Discovery Education: Deals with the digital transformation of modern schools.
  1. Campus Technology: Useful articles on campus trends and technologies that make life on campus easier.
  1. PBS Nature Blog: A great way to teach school kids about the nature & environment.
  1. Nerdy Book Club: Get tons of book suggestions for the young bibliophiles.
  1. Storytime Magazine: A good resource for elementary to middle school teachers to hunt different children books for effective learning development.
Storytime Magazine
  1. TinkerLab: Find DIY projects ideas on art & craft, science and more for kids. Great for boosting creativity in children.

D. Top RSS Feed URLs for Media & Entertainment

  1. BuzzFeed: BuzzFeed is a leading driver of the internet consumer culture. It covers, breaking news, trends, discussions, opinions, quizzes, life hacks and almost every thing under the sun that creates a ‘buzz’.
  1. ESPN: Who doesn’t love to stay updated on the live scores of their favorite team? Whether you are at work or out shopping, screens showing sports headlines will surely turn heads. The ESPN RSS feed brings the latest updates on events & matches from around the world.
  1. Smithsonian Magazine: Covers everything from travel to art & culture, design and more.
  1. The New Yorker: The widely popular hub of culture, humor, storytelling.
  1. Situation Normal: Stories and humor shared by Michael Estrin to add some dose of laughter at work or at school.
  1. Yahoo Sports: Get sports news on NBA, soccer, MMA, boxing, college football and much more.

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