Video wall content: Design ideas & considerations

Video wall displaying yard sale promotion


What is a video wall?

If we know your thoughts, you’re perhaps answering this: “It’s nothing more than a well-organized combination of LED screens, tiled together to form a giant display, and to play all sorts of marketing contents.”

Guess what, you’re right!

But what about managing a video wall? Is that hazardous?

“Yeah, the hazards of mounting the screens must count, but that’s okay. Other than that, it seems quite an easy job to deal with a video wall. Run a few videos and content; that’s it. Keep the screens rolling!”

And if that’s almost your answer, here’s one piece of advice, don’t take video walls so lightly!

Video walls can bring in more business than you can even imagine.

Did you know that 42% of shoppers have indicated that they would prefer to shop at a place with in-store video displays?

The challenge with video walls doesn’t lie in the assembly of video wall displays. You’ll have proficient installers from the company selling you the displays, and perhaps from the digital signage software company too!

The real challenge is to make banging video wall content with a nailing strategy and be innovative in showcasing the same.

Seems too much brainstorming at one go?

Don’t worry. Whatever the challenge is, you can overcome it all with the following tips & ideas for video wall content creation.

Get ready and make a note of it.

How to approach your video wall content strategy

Deploying excellent video wall content is stressful. And there’s no single key to unlock the secrets of how to make stellar video wall content. But if you follow a simple strategy to start with, you may boil down the risks of failing.

You should answer 3 simple questions – why, where, and what!

Why do you want video wall content in the first place? What is the primary objective behind it? How do you want your end-user to engage with it? Will it fulfill your marketing goals? When you answer these, you get a clear idea about what video wall solution you need.

Where to place it should be your next video wall design consideration. The location of your video wall will affect its look and feel. Is it going to be an outdoor wall or an indoor one? What sort of audience would that location get? Consider all these, don’t jump start.

What content to display? One of the major video wall design considerations among many! Investment for a gorgeous video wall will go wasted if the content displayed isn’t worth the pomp & show. Hence, decide what type of content you will run according to your audience and objectives.

Choose the type of video wall content that will fulfill your business objectives and won’t prove to be a mere digital inclusion.

Options vary from videos, animations, wayfinding maps, and news feed, to social walls, and whatnot. Coming up next is a long list of video wall content ideas. Stay tuned.

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Spice up your video wall content: Add the power of interactivity

Video wall contents have no match when it comes to making a bigger emotional impact on your audience with an incredibly creative marketing tool. Adding an interactive element to your video walls will uncover a whole new brand experience. It will offer a magnificent experience to your audience that they won’t forget soon.

12 video wall content ideas to impress your audience

Interactive or not, video walls are here to stay. Below, we have uncovered a list of video wall content ideas. Employ these to impress.

1. Sponsored ads

Sponsored advertisements displayed on a wide video wall

Redeem your video wall investment cost by displaying sponsored videos and commercials. While it allows you to retrieve your expenses, your audience gets engaged at the same time without you putting much effort into it.

2. In-house clips

Have a corporate event? Have an inauguration ceremony? Go live and connect with your audience at different locations through LED video walls. It helps create a stronger brand image and gain the trust of your consumers.

3. Appealing images

Display stunning beauty of nature-scape or wildlife or adventures through beautifully captured images. You can also run intriguing visuals like color splashes and attractive patterns on the LED video walls. The video walls aren’t only for videos; keep that in mind!

4. Social walls

Let your audience join the hashtag madness in a dynamic way. Display real time social media feeds as your video wall content and witness people go crazy over it. Include your brand channels along with other popular ones.

5. Animated movies

Cartoons attract us all. And why only cartoons? You can also run awareness campaigns in animated video formats and contribute to the well-being of your society. You can even create animated product demos and run the same as your video wall content. Similarly, design animated ‘how to’ videos and make people aware of useful information.

6. Brand stories

Brand story visible on a multi-screen video wall

Video walls offer the best opportunity to tell your brand story in style. And while you do that, you each more audience than expected as it’s visible to hundreds at a time.

7. Viral videos

We come across plenty of viral videos everyday. Running them on your video wall will gather a crowd and please yo3ur viewers. And who doesn’t like a dose of entertainment now and then?

8. Image slides

It can be images from your company’s events, client meetings, or maybe snaps from recent award ceremonies. Whatever it is, if you feel like sharing some happiness with your consumers, why not! And they love it when you make them feel included. Run a slideshow of the snaps using Pickcel’s Google Slides app (that comes free with the software) and communicate with your audience in style. People like it when you make them feel like an extended family.

9. Call-to-action

Video wall displaying Call-To-Action content for discount offers

Make use of the vast displays and call for action from the audience. Is a sale going on? Announce it. Contests? Make your audience participate with a grand CTA as video wall content.

10. News & sports

If you have a digital signage solution like Pickcel, you will get the CNN app, Sports News apps, and RSS feeds widgets for free along with the software. You can easily run News feeds and other media channels on your video walls. Sports & games never go out of trend. So, you can run live games or recorded matches as your video wall content to keep your audience content!

11. F&B menus

Eye-catching food and beverages menu displayed on video wall

You’ve surely come across the gigantic video walls in food courts of shopping malls and at restaurants. The video walls not only display the menu but present mouth-watering visuals of the food and beverage items they serve. You can opt for the same and get business out of the optimum use of your video wall.

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12. Aesthetic geometric patterns

Vibrant geometric shapes can capture the attention of your audience quickly. And when they are minutely observing those patterns, switch to display your product ads, recent offers, or discount coupons so that no one misses it. It drives your audience to an engagement that often turns to sales and profit!

LED screen ideas aren’t limited to these. But it gives you a fair idea of what you can explore and what your video wall design considerations can be. Having said that, let’s traverse a few tips on making your video wall content unique and rewarding.

6 video wall design considerations to help your content stand out

The rules you’ve set for your digital signage displays, in general, won’t work for LED video wall contents. It is a form of media outlet that comes with its own set of rules. For the content to be on point, your video wall content creation strategy must adhere to certain design principles. Let’s discover what those are.

1. Know the viewing distance

One image showing the right way of using pictures & texts in video wall ads, another image showing the wrong way of displaying it

Who will be looking at your video walls and from where will determine how you are going to create the video wall graphics. If it’s a giant outdoor video wall such as outside stadiums or shopping malls, the graphics you’ll make for it must be huge so that the viewers from great distances can also have a clear look at it. For indoor video walls, you can go for smaller graphics.

2. Choose the correct aspect ratio

Having the screen aspect ratio at the forefront of your mind is necessary for video wall content creation. For example, if your screen aspect ratio is 16:9, you can display files at 960x540p, 1280×720p, and 1920×1080p, and whatever goes with the ratio. Just keep in mind that going higher with your file ratio than the screen aspect won’t make your graphics look better. Rather, it would distort the output, making the purpose of your LED video wall go in vain.

3. Make use of color contrast

Two different images to compare color contrast, one image showing the right contrast balance, the other showing the wrong use of color contrast

Using contrasting colors and brightness will ensure the content’s graphics and texts aren’t getting washed out. The purpose of the video wall is to make it reach your audience, right? And due to the wrong color contrast, if visibility issues arise, what’s the point of having the LED video walls? The content foreground and background should have striking contrast so that people recognize it well.

4. Always settle for less (Yes, even though it sounds odd)

One image showing the right way of using pictures & texts in video wall ads, another image showing the wrong way of displaying it

Your audience won’t like it if they have to read and think much to gather what’s being advertised. So keep your advertisement contents bold, short and crisp. Don’t make it verbose; instead, keep it terse (that’s what’s in style these days everywhere).

5. Get the basics right

That includes the type of LED screens, assembling ideas, size of the screens, associated components like media players, display mounts, and cabling requirements, LED screen pixel pitch, resolution, and many other things. It would be best if you have a good idea about these before you start off with video wall content creation. The basics will help you decide what different types of content you should create and run on the video wall, fast-paced animations, or basic images and ads.

6. Choose motion over static

Studies have shown that 54% of consumers are willing to engage with more video content from their favorite brands.

Also, 82% of the global internet traffic is gathered from video streaming and downloads. So, evidently, consumers prefer motion over static.

Then, why keep your audience bored with the same old images and feeds when you can take it up a notch and play interesting animations, motion graphics, GIFs & videos?

To conclude

With so many ideas for video wall contents, from traditional to advanced, from non-interactive to touchscreen interactivity, you must be awestruck!

Take your time, decide which one (or ones) work the best for you and prep asap. Why waste time when you can cook entertainment for your audience with a bit of effort and a pinch of creativity!

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