How to use digital signage in casinos: Best examples & benefits

A digital signage inside a casino lobby advertises an event using a digital poster


Innovation and gaming have been a USP for casinos, and most are looking for ways to bring the best of both worlds to their regulars! Digital signage is one solution that can potentially transform the gaming industry.

In this blog, I take you through why and how casinos are thinking of embracing digital signage, key usage benefits, how it can enhance the customer experience and increase revenue, and what the future of casinos might look like!

What is digital signage used for in casinos?

Digital signage can be used in casinos to enhance customer experience by showing personalized information on gaming slots, unoccupied roulette, token numbers, etc.

Besides, these displays can be utilized for promoting upcoming events, special offers, and more,ultimately enhancing the brand experience. Interactive digital signage kiosks can be used at any time of the day to enhance the casino experience via virtual tours, wayfinding & navigation, and interactive games like spin the wheel.

3 examples of digital signage in casinos

Digital signage has made its way across casinos around the world! Some of the most common examples of digital solutions in casinos are as follows:

LED Screens

A large LCD TV screen inside a casino gaming arena promotes a special 'Casino Night

LED screens are an all-in-one solution and the most popular example of digital signage in casinos. Usually, these large high-resolution displays are installed near areas where they are the likely to be noticed, such as the reception area, atop roulette, or a highway near the casino that attracts a good amount of traffic—these act as good promos, leading to increased revenue for casinos via a footfall spurt.

How can LED screens be used at casinos?

  • Promote upcoming events, ongoing offers, happy hours at restaurants, etc.

  • Display electronic menu boards at casino bars & restaurants

  • Live stream sports, concerts, and other festivals on the casino TVs

  • Put out game info-guide and available slots

Best practice for using LED digital signage at casinos?

The content displayed on LED digital signage should be crisp and legible from a distance. This should come with visual factors such as using appropriate fonts, colors, high-quality images, GIFs, etc.

Interactive Displays

 A woman interacts with a digital screen inside a casino game station

Interactive kiosks are a must in casinos since they cater for several needs simultaneously. These types of signage have seen the highest adoption at casinos as they offer a seamless customer experience.

Interactivity can be achieved in several ways, including touch interactivity, gesture or motion-based interactivity, or touchless interactivity using QR code.

What can interactive displays be used for at casinos?

  • Wayfinding and navigation

  • Token management

  • Gather customer feedback & ratings on the services and experience

  • Virtual concierge, providing information on local attractions, transportation, history of the casino, rules & regulations.

Best practice to utilize interactive displays at casinos?

Interactive displays can be put to their best usage through data analytics that helps determine which kiosk receives the maximum interactions and what information the majority of customers look for. These insights can be used to increase the number of kiosks in a specific area of the casino and plan the content arrangement better.

Video Walls

  A large video wall announces a jackpot winner inside a casino

Casino digital signage is all about engaging the customers and keeping the game going. And if you are looking for visual entertainment, nothing beats video walls. Due to their sheer size, casino digital video walls can heighten the experience at casinos and provide an immersive environment for patrons to enjoy.

How can video walls be used at casinos?

  • Immersive gaming

  • Interior decoration (replacing a wall with a video wall with 4K visuals & live wallpapers)

  • Surveillance and security

Best practice to utilize video wall signage at casinos?

Video walls need regular monitoring to ensure smooth functioning, and the content is updated glitch-free and on time. Changes in content structure or format should be managed by a centralized Content Management System that allows for remote and real-time modifications and comes with a scheduling feature.

What are the benefits of digital signage for casinos?

The use of digital signage in casinos can bring a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Enhance customer engagement via interactions and easy navigation, leading to increased revenue for the casino.

  • Personalize casino experience by displaying targeted content based on customer data, such as previous visits, interactions, games played, and more!

  • Embark on the business-to-brand journey by creating high-quality content related to the casino’s services and incorporate the logo and brand colors in each poster/official event image displayed.

  • The constant dynamic content ensures no one looking at the digital signage screens at the casino is bored, doing away with manual content refresh thrice a day!

  • Streamline communication through the casino ensuring information on events, emergency announcements etc. reaches the visitors on time and hassle-free!

Casinos in the age of digital signage

Digital signage is revolutionizing the casino industry by offering dynamic insights and opportunities that a game of poker or roulette spin could barely imagine even a decade ago! With the help of digital signage content and a robust digital signage system, the technology can power screens to make casinos more accessible, entertaining, and a visual stunner, allowing for immersive brand experiences. No one can bet on the odds of games themselves going digital over the next few years. As digital signage continues to advance its interactivity, control, and updation prowess, it will play a significant role in shaping the future of the casino industry, providing a competitive edge to every embracer!

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