Winter is coming: 8 ways brands can use digital signage to tap into winter fashion trends

Digital signage screens used for showing winter fashion trends.


Winter is just around the corner and it’s time to make your next big dent in the market with digital signage. Brands are already gearing up to display their top winter collections on digital screens in and around the city corners.

So why stay behind?

It’s time to bring your winter fashion trends and digital signage strategies together. Here are a few proven tactics.

1. Apparel promotions

This is right out of the rule book. New or old, every fashion or retail outlet can boost sales through digital signage. Displaying “what’s new and trending” on your digital screens will bring 80% of customers to your stores.

From special promotions on winter apparel to the latest entries in the store, digital signage will help create your next cohort of loyal customers.

Digital signage screens used for showing winter fashion discounts outside stores.

This has been the decade of fashion influencers, DIY styles, look books, and trending outfits. Digital signage holds the power to take your retail game up a steep ramp.

Design creative look books for the winter, rope in influencers, and have your latest look books capture those digital walls. These could be positioned outside shopping malls, theaters, airports, or any high-traffic zone.

You may even incorporate interactive kiosks and point-of-sale signage within stores where your customers can browse through diverse styles via touchscreen interfaces.

3. Event promotion videos

Winter apparel brands promoting their collections through videos and other dynamic content for upcoming events have a higher success rate. You can ace it through:

  • Videos promoting the look and feel of your trending winter collection

  • Videos showcase versatility. E.g., if you create videos showing ten ways to wear a scarf and pair it with other winter outfits, the mass appeal will definitely be higher. Turn this into a contest for an event and see your engagement and sales shoot up.

  • Put up your social handles on the digital signs so people can tag your brand while attending the events

4. Weather-reactive advertising

21% of customers surveyed by IBM recently noted that they get excited to upgrade their wardrobes in the fall. This number was higher (39%) for the Gen-z crowd. Digital signage screens used for showing weather reactive ads.

Imagine the power unleashed when you integrate your digital signage strategy with weather-triggered advertising. Relativity is relevance and you can crack this code with:

  • Localized content tweaked as per weather conditions in specific regions

  • Promoting warmer apparel (e.g., fur jackets, woolen caps, etc) during extreme cold weather and waterproof winter wear for rains and blizzards.

  • Temperature-activated discounts and deals, e.g., flash sales on winter jackets when the temperature drops.

  • Integrating temperature sensors into your digital signage units can help expedite the content churn as per the changes in weather.

5. Seasonal themes & visuals

Seasonal themes and exciting visuals could help you stand out as a responsive brand. Yet again, there is no better medium than digital signage to display your winter fashion trends and themes.

Use winter-themed imagery and backgrounds to set the tone for your promotions. Introduce holiday decorations, winter landscapes, snowflakes, and other elements to build a seasonal, festive vibe.

When your latest collections blend with the upcoming events, festivities, and celebrations, your customers are more likely to engage with your brand.

Let the season drive your sales, that simple!

6. Winter sports

Digital penetration in the sports apparel sector has attracted and sustained 45% customers, as per reports by McKinsey & Company. If your collection includes gym wear and outdoor clothes suitable for winter sports, feature interesting videos or dynamic visuals on your digital displays to show your products in action.

7. Customer co-creation

Retailers running on seasonal sales are capturing the customer co-creation space at a breakneck speed. A customer-first approach with digital signage goes a long way for the fashion industry.

Today’s brands are shifting from forecasting trends to moving in step with their customers and catering to their needs at a given point in time. Digital signage equipped with customer insights and analytics tools can serve as your holy grail.

Launch your winter products and campaigns based on your daily data feeds that indicate what your customers want and which styles are in trend.

8. Social media integration

In an interview with Women’s Wear Daily, Richard Sagian, CEO and founder of Fashion Nova said:

“It’s important to have a lot of styles because our customers post so much online and need new clothes. We need 50 different denim jackets. Not just one,”

No wonder why apparel brands are focused on social media amplification through customers. That said, now is the time to encourage your users to create tons of user generated content and promote them across your social channels. Digital signage kiosk used for showing latest trends on social media handles.

Displaying pictures of customers wearing your top winter wear builds a sense of community and brings your brand closer to a wider audience base. And right there is your window of opportunity to highlight limited-time offers using countdowns and time-sensitive messages to evoke urgency.

Learn how the Pickcel Social Wall for businesses can help you launch omnichannel campaigns and drive winter sales.

Personalization is the holy grail: Real-world examples of apparel brands

A recent study conducted by Nielsen notes that personalization through digital signage improves sales by up to 33%. The digital-out-of-home (DOOH) campaign launched by Sorel, an outdoor footwear brand, to promote their autumn and winter collection grabbed the headlines recently.

Wondering why?

Their outdoor signage displayed content that changed as per the weather and the time of the day. Here is how it ran:

  • Varieties of boots, appropriate to weather conditions, were advertised throughout the day.

  • The top-selling boots were photographed for evening and daytime styles and a seamless content switchover happened with changing hours.

  • Live updates collected were utilized for geo-targeted campaigns in different regions to ensure relevant content for the right audience.

Watch the campaign in action.

Another powerful example of contextualized advertising with digital signage was presented by Super Dry, a UK-based branded clothing company. As a part of its disruptive DOOH campaign, the company launched a “smart interactive mirror” located at its flagship store in Berlin.

The 82-inch mirror allowed customers to tryout Super Dry’s trending winter collections. They could also browse through different styles with simple hand gestures.

Selecting their favorite winter wear with an “air punch” remains the quirkiest feature of the campaign.

Adapting to the changing needs of customers is your focus, and helping you achieve this goal is our priority. Tapping into the winter fashion market is easier said than done. With the right set of digital signage software, screens, and strategies Pickcel can help you get started today.

Still pondering if using digital signage for promoting your winter wear collection is the best move? Reach out to our experts today.

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