The Client

With the ambition to start a ‘Bubble Tea Revolution,’ Mad & Co has become a brand for its signature Bubble Teas. Some might say that our client is slowly refining the bubble tea industry one delicious tea at a time.

The Challenge

Mad & Co made the conversion to Pickcel's digital signage solution after a series of software studies, pilots, plus hardware testing. Initially, Mad & Co assumed adopting digital signage technology was out of the question owing to high costs and challenges regarding implementation.

But, soon the ineffectiveness of the static signs created a dire need for the following:

  1. Mad & Co needed a digital sign that could deliver tailored information to a number of outlets in Hyderabad.
  2. They wanted an eye-catching storefront display that would both delight and remind clients about current promotions, bubble prices, and other special offers. The solution must be able to make a strong impression in a tiny display area and perform seamlessly throughout the whole store.

The Solution

While scorching the internet for the best digital signage solution, Mad & Co came across Pickcel's video wall solution. The client had installed high-definition 1x1 video wall displays atop the servicing station. The screens were running on Android OS. The Pickcel software was deployed on the hardware without any friction.

The cloud-based content management system allowed the store operator to publish attractive deals and digital menus. It also let the client schedule and day-part their Bubble Tea menus and other promotional content. Besides that, the Pickcel software could render uninterrupted streaming of the client’s promotional videos highlighting the tea-making techniques and brand sneak peeks.

Key Benefits

  • Reliable and glitch-free solution: Pickcel’s digital signage solution is carefully tested and free of any glitches that led to immediate shutdown or other related issues.
  • Scalable: The software is hosted on the cloud and can be easily scaled up and down based on the client’s future requirements.
  • Impeccable Customer Support: Lifetime of customer support, for all kinds of assistance.

The Result

The outcome didn’t fall far from expectation. Soon after the implementation of the signage screens, Mad & Co was able to garner more attention from passerbys with their advertising of bubble tea.