The Client

Paralenz is among the European regions' most successful contemporary underwater camera developers. With hundreds of stores under its belt, Paralenz tackles environmental apathy and urges people to raise their voices for the blue.

The Challenge

Paralenz has over 100 stores and distributors outlets across the globe. Their stores are located in France (Sub-Odysee), Italy (Pellicano Mare), the United States (Splash Water Sports Inc), the UK (Absolute Scuba, Ocean Leisure), Germany (SF-1 scuba Freaks DE), Qatar (ISA Qatar), and almost every other country in the world.

Publishing ads & promotions at a global and cross-continental scale became a challenge. That is when the client started to look for a highly scalable digital signage solution that would tackle the asynchronous distribution of content across a worldwide network of screens.

The client wanted to effectively advertise their powerful underwater camera lens Vaquita and other camera gear like macro lens bundles, Vaquita grip, lens covers, and more.

Besides advertisements and pre-defined content, the client was also looking for a mechanism to publish their social media posts on retail displays.

The Solution

Pickcel's retail digital signage solution complemented the client's requirements. The solution was scalable, meaning it could deliver fast content rendering with uninterrupted speed and load time.

The client is based out of Denmark, and therefore they needed a decentralized system for managing all the screens. The cloud-based software of Pickcel made things more accessible; the client could simply log into the application dashboard with a set of credentials and monitor their screen activity and screen content in real-time.

At one point during the discussion, the client discovered that screen uptime and downtime report generation was covered in the Pickcel solution package. They were practically elated since most software vendors either totally lack this advanced feature or provide it at additional cost.

We needed to have video displays running in many different countries and at a low cost. So we used android tablets and the Pickcel software. It is pretty easy to set up and manage, and I like the report function, which lets me see how much time the stores have our videos running. This way, I can see if they have a problem. The support I have gotten is world-class; everything has been solved right away.

-Michael T.

Co founder, Paralenz

The client had installed multiple Android tablets in their stores and distributor outlets. The Pickcel software is hardware-agnostic; therefore, the installation was completed without any friction. The Pickcel team offered remote support during the entire installation and deployment phase. During the post-installation training phase, it also assisted the client with video tutorials, chat support, and other resources.

The Paralenz representatives had informed that social media is a significant part of their product marketing strategy, and they wanted to display their massive social media engagements to the retail customers. Following this discussion, the Pickcel technical team made several customizations in Pickcel Facebook Plus and Instagram Plus apps. Features like total post likes and post description display were added exclusively for the client.

Key Benefits

  • User Friendly: The Pickcel cloud-based digital signage software is easy to use and is backed up by 24/7 customer support.
  • Scalable: Owing to the decentralized structure of the Pickcel software, the client has the flexibility to grow their digital network at any given point.
  • Screen Grouping: The software allows the grouping of screens within the network. Screen groups can help in the asynchronous distribution of content or the discrete management of each screen group by a different set of users.
  • Multi-user login: The Pickcel signage software supports multi-user logins so that different users can manage different store displays or display groups with a pre-defined set of access permissions.

The Outcome

Following the installation of the Pickcel software, the client started to publish a wide variety of multimedia content on their Android digital signage tablets. These tablets were strategically positioned in proximity to the Paralenz products and provided relevant product information like:

  • Product features
  • Warranty programs
  • Pricing
  • Discounts and offers
  • Underwater stills captured with their Vaquita lens
  • Facebook and Instagram posts and user-generated content on their page

Paralenz could engage more customers with this new approach and offer them a world-class shopping experience. In addition, the social media feeds made a profound impact as far as the development of client's brand identity is concerned.

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