How to use the Pickcel Live DTH App for your digital signage?

step 1 graphical image of digital signage media player to be connected with dth via hdmi
Step: 1

Connect your Live TV output from the DTH Set-top box to the HDMI-in of your digital signage player. See supported signage players.

step 2 digital signage software interface showing screen registration code to pair display with the software.
Step: 2

Connect the signage player to your digital display. Next, register your screen with the Pickcel console. If your screen is already registered, move to step 3

step 3 digital signage software interface login page
Step: 3

Once your HDMI connection is all set, log in to the Pickcel dashboard from your computer.

step 4 digital signage software interface showing dth tv app to configure
Step: 4

Find the DTH TV app from the Pickcel App Store and select ‘Create App’

step 5 digital signage software interface showing Live DTH app output in digital screen
Step: 5

Name your app and click the ‘Create App’ button to save it in you media

step 6 digital signage software interface showing Live DTH app and CNN news app content in digital screen
Step: 6

Create a composition (stream only DTH channels on full screen or create a multi-zone layout to play it with other media)

Ready to unlock the Live DTH App for your digital signage?


Interesting Use Cases of the Live DTH App

We have listed a few. The sky is the limit for you!

digital signage at a hotel lobby displaying live tv channel fromLive DTH app

Hotel lobbies

Hotel lobbies are usually boring. Same old check-ins, check-outs, payments and waiting! Playing TV content on your screens means more visitor engagement. Show live news or sports matches on your hotel lobby TVs and see the difference.

digital signage at a corporate office cafe displaying live tv news channel from Live DTH app

Corporate office

People feel restless at reception and waiting areas. You can surely use a token display system to make waiting bearable. But with Live TV, you’ll never run out of content to entertain visitors with. Run channels as per your audience’s taste and improve client experience.

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