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How can Pickcel make a difference

In the digital signage realm, enterprises face the challenge of displaying complex reports and dashboards requiring intricate authentication. Manual authentication on screens is impractical. This raises a need for an automated solution capable of managing diverse security protocols while ensuring data integrity and access control.

Pickcel's signage platform precisely meets these demands. Our solution effortlessly authenticates enterprise web applications, reports, and dashboards while securely and efficiently managing and displaying sensitive content, enhancing user experience without sacrificing security.

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Applications we support

Cloud based enterprise applications

Pickcel simplifies the integration of cloud-based enterprise applications such as Power BI or Google data studio with digital signage. Our platform ensures seamless and secure display of your dashboards and reports, enhancing accessibility and visual communication without compromising security.

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An office digital screen wth a welcome onboard message

Homegrown / Internal enterprise applications

Pickcel offers bespoke solutions for displaying homegrown or internal enterprise applications on digital signage screens. If you have any internal applications you want to showcase, our platform can deliver and customize a secure, tailored solution that meets complex authentication and data integrity requirements

“Our team delivers tailor-made solutions designed to meet your unique requirements, available for both cloud-based and on-premises deployments.”

An office digital screen wth a welcome onboard message

Standard login protocols

  • Basic username/password: Direct input of credentials for access.
  • Form-based login: Credentials are entered into specific fields within a login form.
  •  Other custom methods : Pickcel's adaptable scripting engine supports a variety of custom login processes, excluding those with extra security layers.
An office digital screen wth a welcome onboard message

Advanced authentication techniques

  • Token-based authentication: Utilizing time-bound tokens passed through headers for secure access on various operating systems (Windows, Raspberry Pi, Linux).
  • OAuth protocol: Secure delegation of access to third-party services without exposing user passwords. Essential parameters include Client ID, Client Secret, Authorization URL, and Token URL.

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