Why Android digital signage player ?

media player

Widely available operating system

With over 1.4 billion+ plus people using Android as their choice of operating systems across devices, android digital signage displays are the first choice of most people.


Easy installation process and low setup cost

Android digital signage players require very little technical know-how and are affordable to set up.


Low cost of hardware

Android is used on a wide range of devices, making it a good option for powering your digital signage screens.


Mature and stable operating system

WIth worldwide adoption and an extensive app ecosystem, Android is a highly mature and stable OS.


Robust and powerful; ensures superior performance

Its ability to handle a variety of tasks and functions with ease makes screens powered by android digital signage players reliable.


Multiple display support

Supports both external Android TV Box and also embedded android player displays such as Sony, Philips, Sharp, ViewSonic and other smart TV screens that use Android as their operating system.

Bring your Android TV screens to life with Pickcel's digital signage software


Supported Android display models

Pickcel digital signage software supports a variety of Android platforms. These include:

pickcel device
Pickcel Digital Signage Player PX300

Powerful custom-made digital signage Android player by Pickcel for a seamless experience

Android Media Player

Devices that can connect to your TV or monitor used to play a variety of media formats

Android TV

Smart TVs powered by the Android Operating System

Android Tablet and Phone

Smartphones and tablets powered by the Android Operating System

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