Uses of digital signage in the hospitality industry

Uses of digital signage in the hospitality industry


Lobby digital boards

Welcome and greet guests at the front desk and reduce guest waiting time. Inform customers and visitors about facilities, gym & spa, restaurants, in-hotel services, seasonal discounts and offers.


Provide local tourism details

Make the customers aware of nearby places to visit, foods to try, weather & local news, cab services, popular activities or provide information brochure.


Social wall and feeds

Display customer endorsements from Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to create brand awareness and establish credibility on your digital signs. Learn more about social wall solution.


Internal communications

Display staff meeting schedules. Keep employees aware of hotel etiquettes, show training videos, and important information in real time. Highlight the service schedules of VIP guests & much more.

hospitality templates

Enjoy more creative control with digital signage templates

Unlock a range of irresistible templates from Pickcel’s built-in design tool Artboard. Our templates are meticulously crafted to enhance customer engagement, elevate your hospitality brand communications, and create memorable guest experiences.

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Your hotel bars & restaurants need the Pickcel menu board solution

Showcase mouthwatering delicacies to your hotel guests. Schedule your daily food menu and update them with one-click using the Pickcel digital menu board app.

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60+ digital signage content apps for hotels & resorts

All Pickcel apps come free with the Pickcel digital signage software. Try our software to unlock 80+ apps that make communication for your business easier!

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Customer success story: JW Marriott

How the largest luxury hotel chain in the world uses Pickcel's digital signage for hotels solution to show flight time, conference schedules, wayfinding maps & more

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Why Pickcel digital signage solutions?

The hospitality business is highly competitive, and you need to look for ways to improve your position in the market. What's better than engaging your customers with impressive digital signage?

cloud-based digital signage

Pickcel has a cloud-based digital signage system that lets you take control of your digital screens, creatives, and kiosks anytime and anywhere.

safely stored in a cloud

All your content will be safely stored in a cloud environment from where you can manage and publish your content

social media experience

Bring in the social media experience in your store by displaying Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages and customer endorsements.

marketing campaigns

Introduce innovative and interactive marketing campaigns like digital coupons.

advanced digital signage features

Equip your business with our advanced and robust hospitality signage solutions.

Benefits of hotel digital signage solutions for hospitality businesses

Here are a few excellent benefits of adopting hotel digital signage solutions:

Eliminates Cost of Printing

Eliminates cost of printing

Digital signage is a one-time investment with a high ROI. You can cut down on the cost of designing, printing and also the cost of time.

10X Higher Impact

10X higher impact

Retail businesses need to engage customers. Digital content is visually compelling and multiple compositions can be played together.

Convenience is Sky-High

Convenience is sky-high

Imagine controlling thousands of geographically-distributed screens from a single laptop. Digital signage software makes it possible.



A screen that shows your hotel amenities can also show the live weather. Unlike static signage, digital signage are essentially reusable assets.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many benefits of using digital signage in the hospitality industry. Hospitality signage acts as a ‘virtual concierge’ that will help your guests to adjust to their new location, whether they are there for a stay or just to eat/dine. A hospitality digital signage provides information about the hotel/restaurant/resort, gives details about the area, introduces them to the amenities, and enables them to register for activities and events. For example, you can display the following information on the digital signage, which your guests may find useful:

  • Hotel daily events
  • Location for the pool/gym/restroom/kids’ play area
  • Weather forecasts
  • Additional offerings and amenities at the resort or hotel
  • Gift shops
  • Stairway exits
  • Taxi or valet waiting area
  • Service desks, reception
  • Elevators

Events at a resort or hotel can be large with thousands of attendees or small with a few dozen guests. The size doesn’t matter. The attendees will eventually end up asking your staff about the location where the event is taking place. Digital signage for hospitality is an ideal way to present event information. It is easy to customize, adjust, and update. The signage can be used to display information like agenda, time and location of the event, and the event title.

Yes, you can connect one or more screens to display information. Large information may need multiple screens to be arranged so that the information can be delivered effectively.

There is no shortage of content when you are in the hospitality industry. From offering deals and discounts to displaying “today’s menu” and other offers, you can attract customers with the right content strategy. Moreover, if there is an event taking place, sponsors will pay to promote their company or brand during the event.

Digital signage allows you to create a custom video for your guests that takes them on a virtual tour of the property. You can also integrate the software with televisions so that whenever they switch on the TV, they receive a greeting message. Valuable content worth sharing include:

  • Promotions for events
  • Interesting facts about the hotel or area
  • Previews of available amenities and entertainment
  • Features of the room they are staying in