9 incredible ways to leverage digital lobby signage in offices, hotels & hospitals

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Did you know that 40% of consumers believe a negative lobby experience can tarnish a brand’s image?

Office lobbies and receptions are where your visitors first encounter your brand directly. The experience helps craft an internal branding strategy that is essential.

Enter digital lobby signage—the game-changer that elevates your brand’s presence and delivers exceptional experiences to your valued guests. In this blog, we’ll delve into the power of digital lobby signs and how they can transform your brand’s narrative. Read on!

9 interesting use cases of digital lobby signage

Lobby digital signage works for both visitors and employees. Putting much onus on the visitors often makes you forget about your staff, without whom your marketing plan will remain just a plan. So, we have come up with the following digital lobby signage strategies for corporate offices & hotels, along with high-quality content ideas & tips for screens and kiosks.

1. Allow self-check-in

Self-check-ins and checkouts save your receptionist’s precious time allowing them to record essential data faster. Keeping a self-service kiosk in your office or hotel lobby is the wisest choice for any brand.

Using touchscreen technology and visitor management software, you can easily let your visitors enter their details and complete the check-in procedure instantly. Sometimes visitors don’t want to be loud about private information like phone numbers and email ids.

The video below shows how easy it is to use self-check-in kiosks and how it is more convenient for visitors:

2. Inform & Entertain

Visitors waiting for their turn to meet the concerned employee in an office or a hotel customer waiting to check in will be more than happy to get a chance to talk to the person sitting next to them. Offer them this chance via a high-quality lobby digital signage kiosk and indulge in productive digital signage infotainment.

Content ideas for information:

Content ideas for entertainment:

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3. Display token numbers

Here are a few facts to help you understand the need for queue management signage in your lobby:

  1. Perceived wait time is reduced by as much as 35% by digital signage.

  2. 83% of hospital visitors say if they know their wait time beforehand, it reduces their frustration.

  3. 64% want to receive an apology from the company for a longer duration of the wait.

So, tactically managing the queue at the lobby and reception is imperative for customer satisfaction. Suppose you are using Pickcel as your lobby digital signage software. In that case, you can use the in-built queue management application.

Enhance the lobby display experience with this app for effortlessly managing multiple queues. Customize queues as Counter A, Counter B, or with the names of queue managers. You can even label queues using visitor names and display their token numbers. The app automatically generates QR codes for seamless processing.

Hospitals, clinics, hotels, restaurants and corporate offices can use queue management app to avoid crowds and commotion in the lobby. Nowadays, medical marketing strategies are heavily tilted towards building positive experiences on healthcare premises. Digital signs can be just the tool for that.

Nowadays, medical marketing strategies are heavily tilted towards building positive experiences on healthcare premises. Digital signs can be just the tool for that.

Content tip:

Keep other engaging & dynamic content running along with the token number display. Otherwise, just the token line-up can make your audience go blah and feel exhausted. Play some exciting videos or news or advertisements along with it.

Here’s an example of queue management on digital signage of a clinic lobby. Checkout how the screen shows token numbers on the screen along with service promotions as a scrolling ticker below.

4. Create immersive experiences for a higher brand recall rate

You want your visitors to remember you. Dwell in their minds forever with immersive video walls and animated screens at lobbies, receptions, and entry gates. Hotel chains, corporate giants, fitness centers, museums, and theaters are likelier to get the best out of this technology.

International brands are pioneering awe-inspiring content plans, incorporating larger-than-life videos and animations enriched with unique audio effects to immerse audiences in a realm of fascination. Merging touchscreen interactivity, AR/VR, IoT advancements, and impressive animations, these brands deliver exceptional experiences, fostering the highest brand recall rates.

The following exemplary cases will undoubtedly leave a profound impression, demonstrating the boundless potential of a cutting-edge content plan.

Wells Fargo Center in Denver has a matchless, floor-to-ceiling, giant animated wall in the lobby, offering an immersive experience to the visitors. It’s an ultimate combination of digital screens and sensors. This is truly where technology meets innovation. Have a look:

The Nexen UniverCITY creates an unforgettable brand experience through an ‘Infinity Wall’ displaying the company’s infinite potential. The wall offers an immensely immersive audio-visual experience to visitors. One-of-a-kind application of technology it is!

Another futuristic video of an interactive & immersive gym wall on three sides of a gym space will make you go OMG! Watch it.

5. Impress & intrigue

Seasonal discounts and special offers are typical attractions for hotel guests. Let them know what you are offering this week or month through digital signage screens, not via handouts or flex placards. Design dazzling content for upcoming offers using creative poster makers like Canva or similar apps. Promote the same on the hotel lobby digital signage, and keep guests updated.

Pickcel’s user-friendly signage software offers easy integration with Canva. You can design eye-catching contents like company brochures, product or service menus, infographics, posters, invitations, photo collage, and a lot more using the premium graphic features of the app right from the software interface.

Publish them directly on your lobby tv! The designs are auto-saved under the ‘media’ section to use as and when needed. Even if you change your device, it will remain in the Pickcel console.

Watch this video by Pickcel to learn how you can create awesome content with Canva integration.

Content ideas:

  • Offers & discounts

  • Welcome messages

  • Brand mission & vision

  • Company brochure

  • Event announcements

  • Social media contests

  • Product or service catalog

  • Image gallery or photo collage

  • Brand event videos

6. Showcase feedback & achievements

Have a recent accomplishment worth celebrating, such as an award or recognition? Showcase the pride-worthy moment and related posts not only on your social media pages and lobby tv screens. Embrace the power of internal communications by sharing your success stories with your team and visitors.

72% of customers say positive feedback and reviews increase their faith and trust in a business.

Content ideas:

  • Collage of social media feeds on a social walls

  • Social media contest participation with your hashtags

  • Post shares, comments and retweets

  • Images & videos of achievements

  • Google Business Profile reviews

  • Customer testimonials on Google Reviews, Yelp

7. Assist with directions

Navigating a vast office or hotel premise can be challenging, especially when it spans hundreds of acres.

However, with a smart hotel lobby digital signage solution, you can provide your guests with an interactive wayfinding experience.

A simple QR scan can effortlessly help download the premise map and explore locations on the go. No human assistance is necessary, making their journey seamless and enjoyable!

Content ideas:

8. Keep lobby employees in the loop

Visitors are important. But, your employees are too. And trust me, the lobbies and receptions are as boring to your staff as to your visitors. Same old check-ins, check-outs, interviews, appointments, and the list goes on! It’s not unlikely for employees to feel exhausted. That results in a lack of employee engagement and affects service quality. And it directly impacts customer satisfaction.

To keep the zeal for work alive in employees, you must run employee-centric content on one or two lobby signage screens.

Content ideas:

  • Company data & analytics

  • Employee communication tool dashboards like Slack

  • Welcome message for new hires

  • Birthday & work anniversary wishes

  • Workflow highlights & task reminders

  • Upcoming office events

  • Special performance recognition

  • Employee survey results

  • Rules & norms for employees

9. Spread awareness

Any business’s primary goal is to earn its consumers’ trust. Proving yourself as a responsible brand is a key to achieving that trust. Run awareness campaigns & contests on your lobby digital signage with companion brands or third parties, and build a stronger connection with your audience.

Content ideas:

  • Health awareness & guidelines

  • Blood donation camp organization

  • Social media contests & challenges

  • Fundraising campaigns for the poor & ailing

  • Interactive contests

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