Optimize your restaurant's digital signage effectiveness

Optimize your restaurant's digital signage effectiveness


Dynamic digital menus

Captivate your customers with dynamic, visually appealing food images and videos. Efficiently schedule and update your menus for specific times and dates, ensuring real-time accuracy.


Show real-time order status

Minimize customer wait-time stress by showing live updates of order statuses and estimated readiness times. Facilitate mobile tracking for added convenience.


Upsell with interactive e-coupons

Spark interest with time-limited offers. Utilize QR codes on your signage for easy access to digital coupons, with customizable discount options.


Make the most of social media

Enhance your restaurant's ambiance by streaming real-time social media content. Feature influencer endorsements and customer interactions, amalgamating them into an engaging social wall.


Make wait-time entertaining

Distract and delight customers during their wait with a mix of live news, sports events, and YouTube content. Seize these moments to market your offerings subtly


Gather customer feedback

Demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction. Employ your digital signage to invite feedback in a user-friendly manner, and set up interactive kiosks for feedback collection at strategic locations.

restaurant templates

Efficient content creation with restaurant digital signage templates

Streamline your screen content to align with peak hours and dynamic business needs.Utilize Pickcel's Artboard, a robust design tool, to access and customize a wide array of compelling menu templates. Expedite the design and editing of your restaurant's promotional materials to enhance sales performance.

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Digital menu board software: The smart Pickcel solution

Effortlessly design and publish your menus with comprehensive control, all from a single platform. Experience the efficiency of our digital menu board software.

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Customer success case: Geist Brewing Co

Discover how Geist's coming-of-age brewery is revolutionizing their menus and promotions via Pickcel's advanced digital signage software.

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Why Pickcel digital signage solutions?

cloud-based digital signage

Pickcel has a cloud-based digital signage system that lets you take control of your digital displays, creatives, and kiosks anytime and anywhere

safely stored in a cloud

All your content will be safely stored in a cloud environment from where you can manage and publish your content

social media experience

Hardware-agnostic software that can run on any standard digital signage player device and OS like Android, MacOS, ChromeOS, Windows, etc.

customer support

Excellent customer support that handholds you through the entire process of software deployment, hardware installation, and product training.

Benefits of digital signage in restaurants

Eliminates Cost of Printing

Reduce Recurring Investments

Conventional signage media costs you more. Digital signage, on the other hand, is a one-time investment with a high ROI.

Convenience is Sky-High

Sky-high convenience

Control hundreds of geographically distributed screens from a single laptop. Digital signage software makes it possible.

Convenience is Sky-High


A screen that shows your brand's ad banner can also show the live weather. Unlike static signage, digital signage is a reusable asset

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Get the best out of your restaurant screens with Pickcel


Frequently asked question

A digital menu board is the electronic display of your menu that replaces traditional signs and posters. A digital menu gives you a better opportunity to draw customers' attention through video, graphics, and animations. Generally, digital menu boards for restaurants are made by mounting LCD or LED screens to the wall. These screens are controlled by digital menu board software to display various food menu items, promotional offers, recipes, and cuisine information, and engage and entertain customers in your restaurant while they wait.

Some of the major advantages are:

  • Time-efficient: With digital menu board software, you can quickly change the order, pricing, and promotional offers. If you have more than one menu board display or restaurants at multiple locations, you can update your menus across all locations within a second.
  • Long Term Cost Saving: Print signs require re-printing, shipping, posting, and disposal each time during a change. While there may be a higher up-front cost to purchasing a digital signage software, in the long run, it saves you a lot of unnecessary, recurrent investments.
  • Maintain Brand Consistency – If you have a chain of restaurants at multiple locations, using a software will ensure that all the restaurants are up to date and present a consistent, high-quality appearance across all your digital signage.

While digital menu boards make your communication with the customers easier, it also enhances the appearance of your restaurants and makes things easier for staff as well as customers.

The Pickcel digital signage software can benefit food service businesses like Quick Service Restaurants (QSRs), cafes, casual restaurants, fine dining restaurants, food trucks, organization canteens, bars & pubs and especially restaurant chains and franchises.

The price of a digital signage software license largely depends on your requirement and the type of solution you are choosing. Pickcel offers both cloud-based and on-premise digital signage solutions. We follow a subscription model as it offers greater flexibility to the users. Visit our pricing page for more details. You can also reach out to us at +91-9740997922 or through email -