Uses of digital signage in the fitness industry

Uses of digital signage in the fitness industry


Promote coaching & training services

Showoff your gym's best training and coaching programs. Convert new visitors into gym goers by promoting your training services.


Advertise special offers & discounts

Provide special offers and discounts with attractive advertisements on your digital signage displays. Run campaigns and more with Pickcel digital signage.


Trainer schedules and availability

With trainer and gym timing schedule updates, let your customers continue their daily workouts. Showcase important information across your screens without any hassle.


Pump up your customers

Keep your members on track with motivational content. Create a sense of community for gym members through group sessions with digital signage.


Pre-recorded workouts and fitness tips

Engage and inform your customers with pre-recorded workout and training videos to ensure the workouts flow better. Show important tips to educate gym members about fitness.


Highlight amenities

Bring your fitness center's facilities in the front and center by showing them across your digital signage screens. Show and tell has never been more fitting.


Customer Success Story: Cure.Fit

How improved communication at their workout centers and drove employee engagement.

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Why Pickcel Digital Signage Solutions?

cloud-based digital signage


With our cloud-based software, control your digital signage displays remotely or choose our on-premise solution to self host our digital signage content management system on your local server.

safely stored in a cloud


We take the safety & confidentiality of your business seriously. Pickcel is one of the top-tiera SOC-2-certified digital signage solution providers.

social media experience


Forget worrying about software compatibility. The Pickcel digital signage software supports all standard operating systems and media player device like Android media player, Windows, Linux, MacOS, etc

Benefits of digital signage for fitness centers

Here are a few excellent benefits of adopting digital signage solutions for fitness centers and gyms:

Eliminates Cost of Printing

Eliminates cost of printing

Digital signage is a one-time investment with a high ROI. You can cut down on the cost of designing, printing and also the cost of time.

10X Higher Impact

10X higher impact

Whether it is the news or an important announcement, digital screens are more impactful in getting the message across, that too for multiple channels.

Convenience is Sky-High

Convenience is sky-high

Imagine controlling thousands of geographically-distributed screens from a single laptop. Digital signage software makes it possible.



A screen that shows announcements can also show the live news. Unlike static signage, digital signage is essentially a reusable asset.

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