Digital signage is a sub segment of signage. Digital signage's use technologies such as LCD, LED and Projection to display content such as digital images, video, streaming media, and information.

Yes, you can reach a captive audience using an effective and efficient method that will allow your company to up sell and cross sell either your product or service. This can also be utilized for internal communication for employee engagement and disseminating information (real-time) in public places. This technology can be leveraged in industries and factories to display various metrics, information and emergency messages.

Wherever you can hang an LCD/LED monitor and reach potential customers...THAT'S where you can use Pickcel digital signage. The possibilities are endless: Retail, Education, Public Transport, Public Spaces, Restaurants, Hospitality, Factories, Hospitals, and more...

No, We have 14 days free trial period with complete features. Post 14 days you will have to upgrade to paid plan. to continue using the software.

Yes, you can cancel the subscription anytime by clearing the outstanding dues.

Yes, we can support in procuring display screens. We have a tie up with leading Panel manufacturers like LG, Phillips & Samsung.

Yes, you can launch a web application which accepts user inputs on Pickcel digital signage platform

Yes, Pickcel signage can work on any scenario including moving vehicles provided we have a stable internet connectivity.

Yes, we also support turnkey solution.

Yes, we can support on managing your content with additional charges.

Yes, we have a tie up with various content creation agencies. You can either get services from them directly or route it through us.

No, we don’t have any editor for creating images and editing videos. We recommend to use standard graphic and video editors (e.g. Photoshop).

No, Pickcel has in house developed entire technology stack bot on server and client end.

Video Formats: Any video format except flash is supported. Image Formats: JPEG, Gif, Png.

Yes, Pickcel Support RSS feeds and also other Apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Traffic and more to come.

Yes, you can create multiple zones and have video running in one zone and an image on the other. You can also have RSS feeds, Tickers, text, time, clock and more.

No, there is no limit. You can create the playlist with n number of images/videos.

Trial version : 200 MB cloud storage

Basic version: 3 GB cloud storage for each display

Enterprise version: Unlimited cloud storage Yes it can be increased. For that you need to contact our Technical support team

You get one user accounts by default with Pickcel account to manage your contents. You can get more accounts to manage if your number of displays are higher.

Yes, we support customization as per client requirements.

The maximum file size that can be uploaded is 1 GB at a time.

There are two ways to run the contents on the display using Pickcel Digital Signage.

i. Quick play

ii. Scheduling

Quick play : This is to display the contents on the screen on demand immediately for maximum of 24 hours. This can be utilized for displaying emergency messages. This option will be given first priority while running the contents.

Scheduling : Here you can schedule the content for any numbers of days, set repeats based on any particular day in a week and also have multiple compositions for a single day and also repeat it based on your requirement.

Videos/Images are stored and played from the local storage of the Media player so you do not need Internet always. However, for running online contents like RSS (News feeds), URL, Google Slide, Google Sheets it is recommended to have internet connectivity to get the updated data on the display.

Yes, you can have multiple video running on a single display. However, Audio will only be played from the video that is running in the first zone.

Yes, you can have multiple RSS (News feeds) or RSS and Ticker together on the same screen.

Yes, you can create multiple compositions and Schedule it on a single display or multiple displays as per your requirement. Contact our support team if you need more information on this.

No, Pickcel Application will launch automatically every time you switch on the device.

Yes, you get complete reports on all the videos/Images, Apps that is been running and also the report on the device uptime.

Yes, you can take a screenshot whenever you need to check what is running on the screen.

Yes, you can see the preview of the content how it looks on the screen before or after scheduling.

No, there is no any specified time to schedule the content. You can schedule the content on any time of the day and the contents gets downloaded on the device and starts running. It is almost real time, it only takes some time to download the content depending on your Internet speed. It works on Peer to Peer upload.

Will be available in the coming updates.

No, our system only support Video/Image (any Format). Save the PDF/PPT files in Image/Video format and upload.

Yes, if you have an Android TV or Android Tab you can directly install the Pickcel applications and use it. Pickcel signage app can be installed on any Android device having OS version of 5(Lollipop) and above. However, Pickcel doesn’t assure of the performance on the non-recommended hardware.

Yes, Pickcel Supports YouTube streaming and local stream. However, you should have a good Internet Bandwidth to support the stream. For local streaming you should have a capability of web cast/ web streaming.

Yes, Pickcel Supports Local Live/File Streaming with Multicast. Pre-requisite for this - your network should be able to support multicast streaming and associated hardware to stream videos on the network.

Yes, Pickcel can integrate with any third party API which communicates over http and support standard messaging format like JSON or XML.

Yes, multilingual is supported on Pickcel Signage platform.

Yes, client communication with server is SSL based and all the traffic is sent over HTTPS. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser.

It is your responsibility to ensure you follow your country's copyright laws. Pickcel will not be responsible for any copyright infringements associated with your account. Be sure you receive full written approval for media and content used in your signage presentation. Pickcel will remove content which was brought to our attention as a violator of any copyright laws.

Pickcel is a cloud based Digital Signage (also known as SaaS or software as a service). All of your media files (videos, images) are stored on Pickcel servers hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services). However, it can also be hosted on a private network in LAN or WAN kind of connected environment.

Yes, Pickcel is developed on Multi-tenanted cloud architecture, where each tenant (user or organization) is logically separated from each other. Each tenant can access their contents and information after adequate credential validations.

Pickcel Digital Signage is supported on Android, Chrome OS, Windows, Linux, LG WebOS, Amazon Fire TV Stick. Content management server is on Linux which is common for all platforms.

Android Lollipop 5 OS and above, Rooted device to start digital signage as plug-n-play, Quad Core Processor, Built-in 1GB DDR3 RAM for Super-fast Performance, Minimum 8 GB Internal Storage.

To serve contents on around 40 displays, any small/mid-size server with - Quad core processor, 8 GB RAM and storage as per their media requirement (1 TB) or more with external NAS. For higher number of displays, please contact us to get the details.

Pickcel software updated are automated, whenever there is a new update it gets downloaded automatically and install without any inconvenience. However, for Private network the updates has to be done manually.

Pickcel recommended media player supports both Wi-Fi and Ethernet.

No, Chrome Cast is a streaming device and has limited storage. It allows you to display internet feeds from other devices, like a phone or a tablet.

Pickcel has tested a dozen Media Players that are available in the market and recommends an Android Media player for better outcome and efficiency, however you can purchase any Android player with minimum system requirements given by Pickcel. However, Pickcel doesn’t assure of the performance on the non-recommended hardware.

Pickcel has tested 30,000 concurrent displays in an instance.