Create Avant-garde Cities with Digital Signage

Create Avant-garde Cities with Digital Signage


Community Information

Publish community information like the local news, governor speeches, live election updates, new government policies, etc. Show live weather & AQI data.


Commercial Broadcasting

Let local businesses use smart city displays to reach more people with large-scale ad campaigns, product promotions, or event announcements.


City Way-finding Maps

Help citizens cruise the smart cities better with interactive roadside kiosks. Show the locations of hospitals, police stations, or public offices. Add SOS details.


Public vehicle information

Enhance the experience of smart city traveling with Passenger Information System. Show schedules & live locations of buses, trains, flights, cabs, etc.


Large-scale entertainment

Broadcast live concerts, sports matches, movie trailers, and other entertainment content on digital billboards or video walls to keep the community engaged.


Emergency Alerts

Use digital signage displays across the length and breadth of your smart cities to alert the community about sudden emergencies like floods, road accidents, etc.

60+ Digital Signage Content Apps for Smart Cities

All Pickcel apps come free with the Pickcel digital signage software. Try our software to unlock 80+ apps that make communication for your business easier!

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Customer Success Story: The NEC BRTS Project

How Pickcel integrated its information display software with NEC’s Automatic Vehicle Location Systems to successfully design the award-winning Bus-Rapid Transit System (BRTS).

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Why Pickcel Digital Signage Solutions?

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cloud-based digital signage

Pickcel's easy to set-up digital display software allows controlling all smart city digital signs from anywhere without the need of any IT infrastructure.

safely stored in a cloud

Strict compliance with security and privacy guidelines to ensure data safety.

social media experience

The Pickcel application can run on any digital signage player OS such as Android, Windows, Samsung Tizen, Raspberry Pi OS, etc.

marketing campaigns

Excellent support team to take care of the whole cycle of software deployment, hardware-installation and product training.

Benefits of Smart City Digital Signag

Here are a few excellent benefits of adopting hospitality digital signage solutions:

10X Higher Impact

10X Higher Impact

Bright screens are more engaging and enable dynamic content playback and live streaming. Multiple contents can be displayed at a time.

Convenience is Sky-High

Convenience is Sky-High

Control hundreds of geographically-distributed screens from a single laptop. Digital signage software makes it possible.



A screen that shows the live vehicle ETA can also play advertisements. Unlike static signage, digital signage is reusable.

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