Revamp your retail strategy by incorporating our advanced solutions that help captivate customers and transform window shoppers into ones who drive revenue. Shopping experiences are about more than just browsing each section in person. And we just made it a lot more interesting!

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Generate ad revenue by showing compelling and highly engaging dynamic ad campaigns in public. Captivate the attention of the passerby audience and engage them with attractive infotainment visuals.

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Corporate communication

Create, display, and captivate attention with e-internal messaging like no other. Optimize meetings and conference room management, enhancing productivity with relevant, engaging content.

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QSR / Restaurants

Add a digital twist to your regular menus and get ahead of the culinary curve. Showcase mouth-watering dishes, unique recipes, allergen information, and recipes in a lively, precise format using Pickcel's curated digital menu board solution.

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Create hassle-free travel experiences via instant alerts on schedules, delays, and cancellations via Pickcel’s Public Information System (PIS). Integrate with Automatic Vehicle Location Systems for real-time vehicle tracking and unlock new revenue opportunities through advertising.

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smart city

Smart city signage

Redefine city communication through dynamic electronic signs that inform, guide, and engage residents. With Pickcel's versatility, convert any screen into a responsive one, taking public messaging to new heights

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Create lasting impressions via delightful digital visuals in lobbies, bars, and inside hotel rooms. Keep guests and employees informed via instant updates on the day’s schedule, showcasing a variety of content effortlessly.

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Upgrade your facility's atmosphere with interactive kiosks, video walls highlighting amenities, real-time AQI updates, and more. Be it expansive hospitals or cozy little clinics; our solutions keep patients, visitors, and staff informed and engaged through and through.

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Educational institutions

Transform campus communications with digital signage for an impactful learning experience. Foster student participation with real-time info on campus-wide events, holidays, class schedules, and more!

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Personal care

Utilize digital screens for beauty and wellness tips, inspiring customer loyalty and education. Transform your space into a digital oasis, enriching client interactions with visually appealing content.

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Enhance training experiences with motivational videos and images showcasing your programs and facilities to attract and retain clients. Provide effective workouts and essential health tips for a comprehensive fitness journey.

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Banking & finance

Cultivate lasting customer relationships by enriching branch experiences the digital way. Highlight financial services and schemes through engaging visuals, keeping clients up-to-date with updates and announcements about the financial market.

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Enhance workplace safety via e-emergency alerts and clear safety instructions. Keep your team informed and aligned with the latest company policies, announcements, and production stats.

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Factory & Manufacturing Unit

Government & NGOs

Rethink administrative experiences with digital tools that showcase impactful programs and initiatives, attracting support and involvement. Leverage engaging content for effective outreach and education, fostering a strong community connection.

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Tantalize entertainment experiences via signage that creates immersive experiences. Captivate the crowd by showcasing stunning visuals from upcoming events and promotions, creating excitement and anticipation.

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Factory & Manufacturing Unit